Air Products to Build Europe’s Largest Blue Hydrogen Plant

07.11.2023 - Air Products unveiled plans for a carbon capture facility at its Rotterdam plant, intending to generate "blue" hydrogen for ExxonMobil's refinery and other clients. Anticipated to become Europe's largest upon its scheduled completion in 2026, this initiative will play a pivotal role in substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions in Rotterdam, aligning with the Dutch climate objectives.

The project is part of a broader strategy to transition industries and mobility toward hydrogen-based solutions. It not only addresses environmental concerns but also aims to create job opportunities within the region. This long-term endeavor, established in collaboration with ExxonMobil and the Dutch State, underscores a commitment to sustainable practices and meeting national climate targets.

Chief Operating Officer Samir J. Serhan commented, “Industrial companies here are continually looking for ways to realize synergies, create economies of scale, drive energy efficiencies and ultimately decarbonise. This project fulfils that demand. By sequestering CO2 through Porthos and bringing additional blue hydrogen to ExxonMobil and other customers, we can help generate a cleaner future.”

The CO2 captured from Air Products' hydrogen plant and ExxonMobil’s refinery in Rotterdam will be managed through the Porthos system, a large-scale CO2 transport and storage initiative in the Netherlands. The captured CO2, along with emissions from other industries in the Rotterdam port, will be transported to depleted gas fields in the North Sea, located approximately 20 kilometers off the coast. The CO2 will be permanently stored more than three kilometers below the seabed, contributing to environmental efforts by safely sequestering the carbon emissions. 

Edward Dekker Kleijn, ExxonMobil Rotterdam Site Manager said, “We are pleased to build on our collaboration with Air Products to lower our environmental footprint. Carbon Capture and Storage is one of the critical technologies required to achieve the climate goals. This project is a great example of how industry works together to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the Rotterdam port area.”


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