Antheia and Olon Continue Biomanufacturing Partnership

14.03.2024 - US biotech company Antheia and Olon, an Italian producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), have announced the continuation of their ongoing partnership to utilize Olon’s fermentation infrastructure for the scale-up and commercialization of Antheia’s early products.

The two companies established this partnership in 2022, and Olon has since served as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) for the scale-up of Antheia’s biomanufacturing processes and the production of its biosynthetic key starting materials and APIs. Looking to 2024 and beyond, Antheia said that it will continue to partner with Olon to unlock additional capacity to meet international demand for its products. According to Antheia, Olon’s global infrastructure and industry expertise were instrumental to Antheia’s recent commercial milestones for its first product, thebaine.

“The third-party partners we work with are a huge part of our success, so finding the right CDMO to help bring our first products to industrial scale efficiently and rapidly was a critical decision early in our commercialization journey,” said Zack McGahey, COO of Antheia. “Olon is a well-respected CDMO of high-quality pharmaceutical products and a trusted partner to us as we continue our work together to ship our first products later this year and ultimately, transform essential medicine supply chains.”

“This successful partnership has yielded significant results and represents a promising future for pharma supply chains. Over the last five years, we have massively invested in our biotech centers, generating a significant increase in capacity and upgrading production processes for greater efficiency, and importantly, reducing the environmental impact of our production,” said Maurizio Sartorato, vice president of Olon Biotech, a division of Olon.