Ariceum and AmbioPharm in Peptide Partnership

07.11.2022 - Ariceum Therapeutics, a Berlin-headquartered private biotech developing radiopharmaceutical products for the diagnosis and systemic targeted certain hard-to-treat cancers, and AmbioPharm, a globally oriented US CDMO specialized in peptides, have agreed a strategic partnership in peptide conjugates.

Radio-labeled receptor-binding peptides are an important class of radiopharmaceuticals for targeted tumor diagnosis and therapy. Under the deal, AmbioPharm will supply these for Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials with Ariceum’s lead radiopharmaceutical product, satoreotide.  

Earmarked for the treatment of neuroendocrine cancers and certain other aggressive cancers, satoreotide is being developed as a so-called “theranostic” pair for the combined diagnosis and targeted radionuclide treatment of such tumors.

As a provider of cGMP peptide APIs with capabilities ranging from research to commercial scales, AmbioPharm actively engages with innovative biopharma companies that utilize its peptide manufacturing expertise and in-depth scientific experience in both novel and conventional peptide chemistry.

The CDMO based at North Augusta, South Carolina, has a second cGMP facility in Shanghai, China, where it performs process development and optimization, as well as manufacturing building blocks, raw materials and custom peptides from the pilot to large commercial scale.

The company said both facilities are capable of handling any manufacturing scale required to produce bulk peptides to custom specifications using a wide range of skill sets in both solid and solution-phase chemistry. AmbioPharm also performs organic conjugations to small molecules, proteins, toxoids, antifungals, KLH and PEG. 

Author: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist