Asahi Kasei to Increase Lithium-Ion Battery Separator Coating Capacity

31.10.2023 - Asahi Kasei will invest in new coating equipment for Hipore lithium-ion battery separators in its US, Japan, and South Korea facilities, starting in the first half of fiscal year 2026. The increased capacity will provide coated separators for batteries powering up to 1.7 million electric vehicles.

Asahi Kasei supplies two types of Hipore wet-process lithium-ion battery (LIB) separators: one with a polyolefin base film and another with added coatings. This business is a vital part of their growth strategy to meet the rising demand for electric vehicles, being a key investment area in their plan by 2024.

The company plans to invest around €248 million (¥40 billion) in expanding coating capacity by 700 million m2/year across sites in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Hyuga, Miyazaki, Japan; and Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi, South Korea. 

Hiroyoshi Matsuyama, Senior Executive Officer and President of the Environmental Solutions Strategic Business Unit commented, “Expanding Hipore operations globally to keep pace with the electric vehicle market is an important milestone for our separator business. We are happy to support the growth of our customers abroad, and with the help of our established global locations, we can do that quickly by investing in existing infrastructure and then expanding further with new greenfield sites as needed to meet regional demand.”

The expanded LIB separator infrastructure will increase coating capacity to 1.2 billion m2/year, serving batteries for 1.7 million vehicles.


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