AstraZeneca Granted Global Starmap AI License for Nanoform

24.10.2023 - Nanoform, a nanoparticle medical technology company, has awarded AstraZeneca a global online STARMAP license. STARMAP is an AI-based digital rendition of CESS technology, facilitating in-silico experiments for selecting molecules to be nanoformed. This license enables AstraZeneca to screen molecules during the entire drug development process.

Under this license agreement, Nanoform will gain access to compound libraries and extensive data sets for STARMAP screening. This will foster collaborative efforts with AstraZeneca to propose novel product development ideas and strategies. After years of initial collaboration, including a successful technology evaluation with STARMAP leading to clinical candidate feasibility studies, the licensing aligns well with AstraZeneca's sustainability objectives.

STARMAP Online was created to meet partner demands for integrating STARMAP into their in-house selection processes. It enables efficient in-silicoCESS experiments from desktops, supporting Nanoform's eco-friendly goals.

STARMAP Online guarantees security and confidentiality, meeting ISO27001:2017 standards. It offers scalability for screening large molecule libraries and provides access to a database of 20,000 pre-analyzed drugs and candidates, allowing thematic evaluations across different areas of interest.




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