Atotech Buys J-KEM International

14.08.2019 -

German specialty plating chemicals and equipment specialist Atotech has acquired J-KEM International, based in Rosersberg, Sweden. Financial terms of the deal that closed at the beginning of August were not disclosed.

J-KEM is a global supplier of high-end chemical products and processes for printed circuit boards and general metal finishing applications. Atotech said the Swedish firm’s strong technology and customer relationships complement its own product portfolio and will help it expand in addressable markets as well as driving future growth.

The Berlin-based company said it will continue all of J-KEM’s existing services seamlessly Additionally, the new acquisition’s customers will have full access to Atotech’s regional and global product development, production and technical support capabilities, including its material science and analytical services.

Incorporating the J-KEM activities will provide its Atotech with substantial opportunities to further grow its business, said CEO Geoff Wild. In particular, he said J-KEM will contribute a graphite process that has a superior performance, an accelerator-free system in collaboration with an EDTA electroless copper process and a palladium-based direct metallization process.

The additional capabilities will expand Atotech’s reach into growth markets such as flex-PCBs and exotic materials, Wild said, adding that “J-KEM’s strong reputation for technical performance fits well with our unique solution-based approach that combines a comprehensive offer of proprietary process chemicals and equipment with best local service.”