Brenntag Expands South American Facilities

21.12.2022 - Brenntag has opened a new facility in Zarate, Argentina, unifying its operations in Buenos Aires into a single site and expanding its capabilities to customers. The site comprises offices, warehouses, storage tanks, three tank truck unloading spaces, two drumming stations and a mixing and blending building.

“Our main objective with this new site is to expand our operational capabilities of mixing and blending, drumming, labeling, and diluting processes. In the same way, we want to optimize the percentage of truck occupancy by carrying out all the dispatches from the same place,” said Rodolfo Bayona, president of Brenntag Essentials Latin America South.

At the same time, Brenntag has renovated and expanded its facilities in Nova Esperança, Paraná, Brazil. The site was acquired through the takeover of Quimisa in October 2019. The upgrade expanded the storage area and installed 14 storage tanks, added a new quality control laboratory, as well as two reactors for producing liquid fertilizers with an initial capacity of up to 2,000 t/y.

“With this investment, Brenntag will have greater geographical coverage in Brazil, mainly in the South, Midwest, and part of the Southeast region that is currently under the new Brazilian agricultural frontier. In these regions, we will be able to provide a bulk service, be more agile in deliveries and at a lower cost, in addition to expanding the production capacity of liquid fertilizers and adjuvants,” said German Torres, regional president Brenntag Essentials Latin America.

Key products handled at the facility include inorganic acids, caustics, liquid fertilizers, peroxides and salts, serving the metalworking, agriculture, dairy, industrial cleaning, starch production and coatings industries.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist