CEFIC Calls for a Strengthened EU Single Market

Industry Associations Request Improvement of European Business Environment

16.02.2024 - CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, together with 25 other regional industry associations, has issued a joint statement calling on the European Union (EU) to realize the true potential of the single market.

The statement outlines the challenges facing the EU in maintaining its competitiveness in the global landscape, particularly in light of increasing competition from the US and China. According to the participating associations, the focus should be on improving the business environment by removing obstacles that hinder companies in their activities in the EU.

The statement emphasizes the importance of revitalizing the Single Market to drive forward the EU's strategic agenda and ensure a swift green and digital transition of the European industry.

The signatories of the joint statement recommend the following actions:

  • Renewal of the dynamics of European integration by deepening the EU’s Single Market to boost the EU’s competitiveness;
  • Development and implementation of on an ambitious program to overcome and prevent fragmentation in areas such as the environment, energy, digitalization, connectivity, security, health, banking and capital;
  • Removal of all cross-border barriers to trade in the Single Market and the reinvigoration the principles of free circulation;
  • Reduction of unnecessary reporting obligations, uncertainties in application, administrative burden and compliance costs;
  • Streamlining of activities across public administrations to deepen and better enforce the Single Market;
  • Intensification of consultation and cooperation activities with companies to remove obstacles.

Marco Mensink, CEFIC’s director general, commented: "In a geopolitical world that becomes ever more complicated, Europe has to use all the strength it has. Our core strength is the single market. We need to cherish, nurture, improve and expand it, for example with a single market on waste. A well-functioning single market is crucial for a future prosperous and competitive Europe."