CEPSA Invests up to €5 Billion in Andalusian Decarbonization Plan

02.06.2022 - CEPSA will invest up to €5 billion in the Andalusian region during the current decade to lead the generation of sustainable energy in Spain and Portugal.

“For more than 50 years, Andalusia has been a prominent region for CEPSA, but in the new Positive Motion strategy it will be even more so as it becomes the heart of our activity,” said CEO Maarten Wetselaar. “We have strategic locations in Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar with optimal conditions for the development of green molecules and electrons, which will allow us to decarbonize our activity and that of our customers.”

One of Spain’s leading hydrogen producers, CEPSA will install plants to produce green hydrogen in its industrial centers in Andalusia. The group said its facilities in Huelva and Campo de Gibraltar have a favorable and very competitive location to develop a European hydrogen import and export business.

By 2030, CEPSA aims that 70% of its green hydrogen will be used to decarbonize adjacent industries, road and maritime transport.

At the same time, the Madrid-based firm plans to produce 2.5 million t/y of second-generation biofuels by 2030, intending to become a leading supplier of sustainable aviation fuel with production of 800,000 t/y. Production will be located in Andalusia, with industrial centers in the region being transformed into biorefineries and new processing units being installed.

CEPSA’s chemicals division, which operates at plants in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva) and San Roque (Cadiz), will promote the development and production of chemical products from renewable and recycled feedstocks, strengthening its leading global position in linear alkyl benzene and phenol, used to manufacture detergents and plastics respectively.

The company will also implement technologies based on artificial intelligence and advanced analytics in its Andalusian energy parks to optimize processes and reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

With regard to renewable energy, CEPSA will develop a portfolio of solar and wind energy projects for its own consumption.

In separate news, CEPSA is retaining its chemicals division after reviewing alternative options for the business. It said CEPSA Chemicals is delivering strong operational and financial performance and shareholders had concluded that the best way forward for the business is for it to remain within the group.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist