Clariant and Eastman in Solvent Marketing Pact

16.12.2018 -

Swiss specialty chemicals producer Clariant has signed on to exclusively market US chemical producer Eastman’s Tamisolve NxG solvent to the global agriculture sector. The solvent, which Clariant will market under its own trade name of Genagen NBP, is used in plant growth regulators, biological control agents, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides.

The two chemical groups said the collaboration will deliver “significant business benefits to both agrochemical formulators and end customers,” especially given the dearth of effective, low-toxicity crop protection solutions on the market.

In a plant protection market governed by rigid regulations and increasing demand on efficiency, crop protection players must develop innovative, efficient, and environmentally-friendlier solutions, Clariant said. Eastman’s water miscible dipolar aprotic solvent, touted as a safer alternative to commonly used dipolar aprotic solvents, is claimed to work well in a variety of applications.

By its own account, the Swiss group has made “massive strides” in the agrochemicals market in recent years. In addition to expanding its portfolio of crop solutions, in 2017 the company announced an investment in an R&D greenhouse that houses opportunities for real-world crop protection testing and advances in future solutions.

 “Clariant’s formulation know-how and extensive reach into the market will ensure the success of this innovative ingredient,” said Dave Watson, director Agricultural Chemical Intermediates at Eastman.