DSM Opens cGMP Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Operation in Brisbane, Australia

25.04.2013 -

DSM Pharmaceutical Products, the custom manufacturing and technology business of Royal DSM, announced today that their new cGMP custom biopharmaceutical manufacturing 'biologics plant of the future' will open in June 2013.

The DSM facility was built with cooperation from the Queensland and Commonwealth Governments of Australia.

Australia has a vibrant biotechnology industry, but previously had no custom mammalian-based biopharmaceutical manufacturing operation in country. The Queensland Government formed BioPharmaceuticals Australia (BPA), who has partnered with DSM to bring this new facility and operation to Brisbane.

The DSM operation will provide cGMP mammalian cell-culture contract manufacturing services from process development through to commercial manufacturing. DSM Biologics operates with all standard technologies and also has a portfolio of proprietary technologies for the optimization of biopharmaceutical manufacturing, reducing the cost and risk of mammalian cell culture. The facility has an output capability of 500kg and has expansion space available for further capacity utilization.