Evonik Consolidates Indian Precious Metal Catalysts

05.12.2017 -

German chemical producer Evonik plans to concentrate its closed loop precious metal catalyst business in India at its integrated production site in Dombivli, near Mumbai, from the second quarter of next year.

In preparation for the new set-up effective from Apr. 1, 2018 the Essen-based company’s Indian subsidiary will dissolve its local contract manufacturing agreement partnership with Ravindra Heraeus for precious metal catalysts and refining of spent catalysts at the end of March.

For a transition period up to December 31, 2018, Evonik said it will be able to fall back on the option of contract manufacturing for precious metal catalysts at Ravindra Heraeus at Udaipur, Rajasthan, if needed.

In India, Evonik’s catalyst business is focused on high-end precious metal catalysts based on its global state-of-the-art Noblys technology. The activities also include rapid refining optimized for high precious metal yields as well as a broad range of precious metal management services for customers.

In its research and development laboratories at the Indian site, the chemical producer also offers technical services and tailored catalyst development.

Along with India, Evonik’s catalyst business is positioned globally with altogether eight system solutions sites in six countries, including Brazil, China, Germany, Japan and the US.  In addition to precious metal catalysts, it also supplies catalysts and components as well as integrated services to customers in the life sciences & fine chemicals, industrial chemicals & petrochemicals, oleochemicals and polyolefins industries.