Evonik Opens First Laboratory for Medical Devices in China

20.08.2015 -

German specialty chemicals group Evonik has opened its first applied technology laboratory for medical devices. Located in Shanghai, China, the facility will support medical device manufacturers which use Evonik polymers in their projects.

Evonik’s Resomer and Resomer Select biodegradable polymers are widely used in various devices, such as orthopedic screws and plates. The implanted devices are resorbed in the body, eliminating the need for them to be removed by additional surgery.

“The market for medical devices is becoming increasingly important to our health care business, in particular in China where we expect strong growth over the coming years,” said Jean-Luc Herbeaux, head of the health care business line in Evonik’s nutrition & care segment.

The laboratory’s main activities are expected to include: selecting the most suitable Resomer product; characterizing the production process conditions (injection molding and extrusion) for successful design and scale-up; and manufacturing technical samples for feasibility studies. “Our goal is to help our customers design and scale up medical devices faster,” explained Herbeaux.

The first customer projects are due to start in the coming weeks. Evonik plans to open more applied technology laboratories for medical devices in other regions. The next facility to open is in Darmstadt, Germany, to serve the European market.