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Expert Webinar: Platformizaton of Molecular Design

Innovation via Digital Transformation and Advanced Simulation

02.04.2020 -

The majority of the ten most valuable companies on the planet are digital platform companies. All of those platforms are ecosystems where value-generating interactions between groups of people take place based on real-time analysis of data streams.


How far away from that new reality, which emerged over the past decade, are research organizations in the field of Molecular Design?


The Schrödinger Molecular Design Platform integrates physics-based predictive modeling, machine / deep learning and enterprise informatics; case studies will illustrate its utilization.



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May 28, 2020  2 p.m. (CEST)



Who Should Attend the Webinar?

  • chemists, especially in research and development
  • chemistry managers
  • data scientists in chemistry


Key Learning Objectives

  • current status of simulations in chemical and pharmaceutical research
  • capabilities of data-based models and scientific computations
  • computer generated and experimental data democratization
  • enabling innovation via an augmented molecular design platform


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