GreenLight and Samsung Achieve Commercial mRNA Run

17.08.2022 - The strategic partnership of Boston-based US biotech GreenLight Biosciences and Korean CDMO Samsung Biologics has completed the first commercial-scale engineering run for its mRNA production.

Announced in late 2021, the collaboration has been seeking to transfer technology and scale-up from bench to commercial scale at facilities provided by Samsung. Early this year, the latter company completed the expansion of an mRNA drug substance manufacturing suite at its Songdo, South Korea, site.

With the successful run, the companies said the process from drug substance and lipid nanoparticle formulation straight through to bulk drug product can now be completed in the same facility.

Leveraging Samsung’s RNA platform, GreenLight believes it can subsequently progress from conceptualizing an mRNA vaccine to delivering material for clinical trials in less than two years and in turn produce mRNA vaccine at a commercial scale.  

The CEOs of both companies, Samsung Biologics’ John Rim and GreenLight’s Andrey Zarur, commented that the partnership has demonstrated the feasibility of a one-stop, end-to-end, mRNA production from drug substance to aseptic fill finish to commercial release, all from a single site.

Author: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist