Haldor Topsoe Accepts HTE as Methanol Catalyst Testing Facility

19.10.2021 - Haldor Topsoe, one of the largest suppliers of methanol (MeOH) catalysts and technology, has accepted HTE for testing its methanol (MeOH) catalysts in a p high throughput system under industrially relevant operating conditions.

Heidelberg, Germany-based HTE will perform rapid comparative catalyst tests including a flexible protocol for accelerated catalyst aging in a 16-fold high throughput test unit.

HTE’s high throughput systems allow for a very fast mapping of different catalysts or reaction parameters. Supported by the company’s proprietary software solutions, experiments can be executed and analyzed in a fully automated and flexible way. Consequently, the evaluation of large amounts of data sets is shortened immensely and customers can access knowledge very fast, HTE said.

Lars Skyum, Senior Vice President at Topsoe commented: “HTE meets Topsoe’s high standards and has therefore been accepted as methanol catalyst testing facility for our customers who may require an independent methanol catalyst test.”

Wolfram Stichert, CEO at HTE, added: "We are delighted to have successfully finished this project with Haldor Topsoe. HTE is very proud of working with Topsoe and we are looking forward to continuously strengthening our collaboration.”