Indorama Group Adds PET Capacity in India

31.05.2021 - Indo Rama Synthetics (India) Limited (IRSL), a subsidiary of global petrochemical producer and PET giant Indorama Ventures (IVL), plans to spend up to $82 million on upgrading equipment and adding capacity at its site in Nagpur, India. The investment foresees a new PET resin plant as well as additional balancing equipment and a large range of specialty yarns.

With all three of its global integrated business segments including Combine PET, Fibers and Integrated Oxides and Derivatives (IOD) active there, India is a strategic market for the Indorama group. Since 2016 it has been building up its PET resin business locally through IVL Dhunseri Petrochem Industries Private Limited (IDPIPL), a joint venture with Dhunseri Ventures.

IVL’s new facility at Nagpur, which will add 700 t/d of PET resin to the Thai-headquartered parent’s total output capability, is expected to be on stream by the second quarter of 2022. Together with plants at Haldia and Karnal in India, the new unit further reinforces the company’s position as the country’s largest PET producer, with a total capacity of more than 1 million t/y.

The plant at Nagpur, which IVL has managed since 2019, is also the company’s first manmade fiber manufacturing site in India, producing a wide range of staple fiber and filament yarns. Indorama said the facility will meet global brands’ increasing demand for more high quality and sustainable textile products.

D K Agarwal, CEO of Combined PET, IOD and Fibers in the group, said the capital spending plan reflects the long-term commitment of the world’s largest PET resin producer to the industry’s development in India.

Author: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist