Johnson Matthey Acquires Pharmorphix

02.10.2015 -

Johnson Matthey has further boosted its fine chemicals arm with the acquisition of the Pharmorphix solid form research business based at Cambridge, England, from Sigma-Aldrich. The acquisition brings world-leading material science capabilities to Johnson Matthey’s expanding European API and clinical supply services, the company said.

Sigma-Aldrich is divesting a number of activities in preparation for its merger with German pharmaceutical and chemicals group Merck KGaA.

A provider of solid form services, including polymorph studies, salt selection, co-crystallization, chiral separations and process scale up critical to successful drug discovery and development, Pharmophix expertise also finds application in process control, as well as paving the way for pharmaceutical companies to find new forms for new or existing drugs.

“Pharmorphix serves an important niche area that complements our custom pharma solutions, API life cycle management offerings and existing US-based solid state science capabilities,” said John Fowler, division director at Johnson Matthey Fine Chemicals.

“The acquisition adds further differentiating technologies to our advanced catalysis and complex chemistry capabilities, building on the expertise that our customers rely on to enable successful drug development and commercialization,” Fowler added.

Pharmorphix facilities and staff based at the Cambridge Science Park will be fully integrated into Johnson Matthey’s expanding presence there. The US group recently realigned its fine chemicals business, creating four key platforms: Custom Pharma Solutions, Controlled Substances, Catalysts and APIs & Life Cycle Management.