Kao Expands Synthetic Fragrance in Spain

17.08.2022 - Japan’s Kao Corp. is planning to double capacity of synthetic fragrance methyl dihydrojasmonate (MDJ) at its plant in Spain as it aims to expand market share in Europe for the jasmine-scented product.

Kao, which regards itself as the market leader in the region for MDJ, will complete the expansion at its Olesa plant by December 2022, with the additional output scheduled to be available in early 2023.

The new facility will use unique technology developed by Kao, which said the enhanced productivity will cut CO2 emissions by 2,000 t/y, while also reducing the amount of energy needed for waste water treatment. All saline wastewater – currently amounting to about 850 t/y – will be eliminated.

Demand in Europe – the biggest market for MDJ – has remained steady while global demand is forecast to grow at 4% per year, according to the Tokyo-based group. MDJ is used in a wide range of consumer products because of its good compatibility with other materials. The market was estimated at 20,000 t in 2021.

Author: Elaine Burridge, Freelance Journalist