Linde Starts Gas Plant at Evonik in Singapore

16.08.2019 -

Industrial gases producer Linde has started up a new production facility supplying methane, hydrogen and carbon dioxide to Evoniks' second world-scale methionine complex on Jurong Island in Singapore.

The new gas plant complements an existing facility from which the formerly Germany-based producer has supplied Evonik's first methionine complex in Singapore since 2014. Both complexes produce DL-methionine, an essential amino acid used as a feed additive.

Linde said the new integrated facility incorporates advanced technologies that increase plant efficiency, reliability and environmental sustainability, adding to the Jurong Island footprint of the new global gases market leader that recently linked Linde with Praxair of the US.

The gases producer said the investment strengthens its position as the preferred industrial gas supplier to Singapore's dominant petrochemical hub.

"Over the last several years, the strategic partnership between Linde and Evonik has continued to strengthen, given our long-standing reliability and focus on productivity and sustainability,” said Sanjiv Lamba, CEO of Linde Asia-Pacific.