Merck Expands its Test Center for Biologics in Shanghai

28.11.2023 - Merck has expanded its Biologics Testing Center in China with 1,500 m2 of new biosafety laboratories. The company is investing a total of €29 million in its testing center for biologics, which was opened last year.

The newly added biosafety laboratories are the first of their kind for Merck in this market. They provide local access to a comprehensive suite of testing services for cell line characterization and lot release, spanning pre-clinical development to commercialization.

“The opening of the facility deepens our partnership with our Chinese clients who are at the forefront of shaping modern medicine,” said Dirk Lange, Head of Life Science Services, Life Science business sector of Merck. “The Biologics Testing Center in Shanghai now provides critical local services backed by our more than 75 years of global experience in the testing market.”

The first phase invests in vital viral clearance studies for drug development, while the second phase enhances cell line characterization capabilities for biopharma clients. The testing center, compliant with cGMP standards, conducts lot release testing for unprocessed and purified bulk harvests, meeting requirements for biologics in preclinical, clinical studies, and licensed products.

Merck's Shanghai facility, now in its second phase, offers biosafety testing for various therapies. It is part of Merck's global network, ensuring consistent expertise and quality standards across locations in Singapore, the UK, and the USA.

Merck's BioReliance testing services prioritize safety and quality in the biopharma industry's supply chain. With over 1,000 global clients, Merck leads in biosafety testing, offering a diverse portfolio covering major modalities such as mAbs, ADCs, CGT, mRNA, and vaccines.


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