Merck Germany Doubles HPAPI Potential

24.06.2022 - The Life Science business segment of German pharmaceuticals, chemicals and life sciences group Merck has widened its US plant for high-potent active pharmaceutical ingredients (HPAPIs) at Verona, near Madison, Wisconsin to 6,500 m2.

The expansion at a cost of €59 million doubles its previous output capability.

Building on 30 years’ CDMO experience with multi-step, complex and highly potent compounds, with the current expansion that will add 50 jobs, Merck sees itself well positioned as one of the largest providers of HPAPIs in the single-digit nanogram occupational exposure limit (OEL) realm that require technological expertise in handling.

HPAPIs are an important component of novel cancer therapies, including antibody drug conjugates (ADCs). As their cell-killing abilities at low doses are extremely effective, they help reduce side effects for patients. They are in increasing demand, due particularly to the trend toward more targeted therapeutics, said Dirk Lange, head of Life Science Services within Merck’s Life Science segment, adding that Increasing capacity at the Wisconsin site will allow the group’s CDMO business to meet the need for key cancer treatment components.

Along with HPAPI production, Merck also has extensive experience in developing and manufacturing ADCs. As the first CDMO to manufacture commercially approved ADC drugs in North America, it recently launched new technologies to advance ADC-based therapies. ChetoSensar alleviates solubility challenges, and the new DOLCORE platform is claimed to reduce development and manufacturing time, therefore increasing speed-to-market by up to a year.

Auhtor: Dede Williams, Freelance Journalist


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