Noramco Creates North American Pharma Supply Chain Services Provider

Noramco Group Launched in Strategic Alignment of Noramco, Purisys and Halo Pharma

15.03.2024 - Noramco, a US producer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), has announced the launch of Noramco Group as an integrated North American-based API and drug product supply chain services provider. The strategic alignment includes subsidiaries Purisys, Noramco, and the newly acquired drug product CDMO, Halo Pharma.

According to Noramco, it took this step to address the escalating drug shortages in the US and quality concerns that are disrupting patient access. The current crisis, primarily driven by lack of reliable foreign supply, limited domestic manufacturing capacity for APIs and drug products, and logistical bottlenecks, has led to unprecedented challenges in ensuring the availability of essential medications. With the formation of the Noramco Group, the company said, it wants to improve supply chain performance and increasing domestic production in North America.

The alignment of the three companies is set to reduce overall complexity in industry processes, minimize logistics costs, and improve regulatory compliance. A notable benefit, especially for pharma and biotech companies working with new chemical entities (NCEs), includes the protection of intellectual property with a known domestic source, Noramco said.

Lee Karras, CEO of the Noramco Group, stated: "The Covid-19 pandemic exposed critical vulnerabilities in our drug supply chain. Government responses, while well-intentioned, proved to be somewhat superficial, leaving the threat of future disruptions unaddressed. The formation of the Noramco Group is our proactive solution to some of these challenges.”