Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine Clears Hurdle

24.02.2016 -

Austrian biotech firm OncoQR ML has cleared an important hurdle toward producing a vaccine against pancreatic cancer. In a preclinical trial of what it termed “a highly relevant non-human primate (NHP) model,” the Vienna-based on oncology specialist said its vaccine TYG100 was able to induce a strong and clinically-relevant immune response.

The response is said to have occurred in all treated individuals within two weeks after a single vaccination, with no side effects observed. As the trial also showed that concomitant standard chemotherapy (Gemcitabine) does not impair the immune response in a relevant way, the company said treatment with TYG100 can be initiated in parallel, fundamentally improving the outlook.

OncoQR ML said the results extend what has already been established in other trials conducted in different indications with vaccines based on the same S-TIR technology platform technology as TYG100, namely the completely controllable modification of the patient's immune system by suspension of the relevant checkpoint control.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already granted Orphan Drug Designation for TYG100. With this and the necessary in-vivo tests already concluded, CEO Cristof Langer said the company is “now seeking strong partners for the fast track clinical development of this exciting oncology product.”