Perstorp Opens New Penta Plant in India

21.02.2024 - Sweden-based specialty chemicals company Perstorp has built and commissioned a new ISCC Plus-certified plant in western India to meet the growing market demand for Penta chemicals.

Located in Sayakha, Bharuch, in the state of Gujarat, the facility was officially inaugurated on Feb. 20.

“This is the largest investment in Asia so far, in Perstorp’s history. It will further strengthen Perstorp’s position as a sustainable and reliable partner in the region of Asia,” commented Gorm Jensen, Perstorp’s Executive Vice President Commercial & Innovation. “This plant will increase the availability and reliability of products for current, as well as new customers, reducing lead times with about 50% for Asian customers. It is strategically located close to ports, rails and roadways. This will help to ensure that Perstorp can supply products effectively throughout India and across all of Asia. At the same time, the plant is well positioned to also export products globally.”

Perstorp will produce a Penta (pentaerythritol) product mix including Perstorp’s renewable-based, ISCC PLUS-certified grade, Voxtar, as well as offering Penta Mono and Calcium Formate. The plant will use renewably sourced raw materials as well as a hybrid source of electricity. Voxtar is chemically identical to Penta, it provides customers with the same quality and performance as their fossil counterparts.

Perstorp already produces Penta in Sweden, Germany, and the United States, but this investment will represent a significant expansion of its global production capacity. At the new site, Perstorp can annually produce 40,000 metric tons of Pentaerythritol and 26,000 metric tons of calcium formate.


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