Quantro and Boehringer Ingelheim Hit Milestone in Cancer Treatment Development

05.06.2024 - Quantro Therapeutics, which focuses on transcription factors targeting cancer treatments, announced that it has reached a key milestone in its joint R&D program with Boehringer Ingelheim.

In successfully applying Quantro’s proprietary Quantroseq Transcriptional Fingerprint technology, all pre-set goals for technical proof-of-concept, cross-validation of HTS screening technology, and identification of high-quality hits for a previously undruggable transcription factor were fully accomplished.

Cancer, a leading global cause of death, often has limited treatment options. Transcription factors, key gene expression regulators often disrupted in cancer, are promising therapeutic targets. Despite being hard to target with drugs, the 2022 joint R&D program aims to develop innovative, first-in-class cancer treatments targeting these factors.

Michael Bauer, CEO of Quantro, commented, “We are committed to drive a positive change for people affected by cancer, and to that end are looking forward to developing new mode of action compounds jointly with Boehringer Ingelheim. In reaching this milestone, Quantro Therapeutics continues to advance its leading transcriptomic R&D platform to build a highly innovative pipeline of modulators, inhibitors or degraders of transcription factors, transcriptional regulators and cell signaling targets.“

“We are excited and encouraged to see a very convincing and robust technology proof of concept, and highly attractive hits from the first screening that we can directly take to the next discovery and development stages," said Norbert Kraut, Global Head of Cancer Research at Boehringer Ingelheim. "We look forward to further expanding our pipeline of first-in-class treatments to address the remaining high unmet patient need in cancer in partnership with Quantro.”

Upon accomplishment of this milestone, Quantro will receive an undisclosed milestone payment in addition to previously received upfront payments and R&D funding. The total potential transaction value may exceed €500 million in the form of R&D funding and success-driven discovery, development, regulatory, and commercial milestones.


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