Recticel First User of Covestro CO2 Polyol

18.07.2016 -

Belgian foam products specialist Recticel has signed an agreement with German engineering plastics producer Covestro – the former Bayer MaterialScience – to use Covestro’s CO2-derived polyether polycarbonate polyols (PPPs), sold under the cardyon brand name, to produce flexible foam for mattresses and furniture.

With production starting in the fourth quarter of 2016, Recticel will become the first industrial user of the polyols containing about 20% of CO2 by weight. The company said it plans to increase production as soon as more product becomes available.

CEO Olivier Chapelle said Recticel supported the development of the polyol from the outset, in cooperation with Covestro. The Belgian company’s chief sustainable innovation officer, Jean-Pierre De Kesel, said the extensive application testing phase and carbon footprint analysis helped it to prioritize actions, especially in the use of raw materials, and manage the end-of-life stage of its products.

Covestro recently inaugurated its new €15 million “Dream Production” plant for the polyols at its Dormagen, Germany, site using feedstock sourced from a neighboring manufacturing plant.

The project first unveiled at a press conference ahead of the international plastics exhibition K 2011 received investment aid from the German research ministry. Covestro also worked with several German academic institutions, in particular on developing the catalyst for the products.