Schott Expands Footprint in "Pharmerging" Markets with Investment in Indonesia

09.03.2013 -

Schott Pharmaceutical Systems announced today its plans to expand its overall production capacities at its plant in Bekasi, Indonesia, by 20%. With this strategic move, the company underscores its strong position in the so-called pharmerging markets around the world: China, Brazil, India, Russia, and Indonesia.  Pharmerging markets have one thing in common: their pharmaceutical sector is experiencing above average growth and their public health programs are expanding, along with the populations' access to medicines.

Schott currently operates the largest plant for pharmaceutical primary packaging in Southeast Asia in Indonesia. The Bekasi plant serves as an export hub and caters to the needs of all of the growth markets in the region, in Indonesia and abroad. It strictly adheres to international standards like the "Good Manufacturing Practice" (GMP) guidelines. Thanks to its increased capacities, Schott will be able to produce around 1.2 billion high-quality ampoules, vials, and pipettes in Bekasi each year.

This investment in Indonesia is consistent with Schott's strategy to produce close to the market and its customers. The company is active with its own manufacturing sites in all of the so-called BRIIC countries. Just recently, Schott opened a new production facility in India and founded a joint venture in China, and has also increased its production capacities in Russia.