SGD Pharma Boosts Siliconized Glass Vial Capacity with New Line in France

25.01.2024 - SGD Pharma announced the opening of a new siliconization operation at its Saint-Quentin Lamotte (SQLM) plant. The company enhances its range of in-house services by internalizing its glass siliconization offer, ensuring increased responsiveness, security of supply and improved flexibility of vial sizes.

Glass vials are regularly used for pharmaceutical packaging, though there is a growing market need for primary packaging that is suited to more sensitive, aggressive and viscous drug products. The application of a micro-layer silicone-based internal coating to the container provides a protective barrier that minimizes interaction between the drug product and the primary packaging, while preserving the integrity of sensitive therapeutic products.   

SGD Pharma’s treatment uses an optimized spraying process that provides uniform coverage of the vial surface, ensuring a higher performance of the internal silicone thin-layer. The process is executed under an ISO 8 clean room, in an ISO 15378 certified facility. 

This new operation at SQLM is suitable for all glass types in vial sizes ranging from 3ml to 500ml in both clear and amber glass, at a high processing capacity. The treatment is ideal for a wide variety of market applications including: anti-infectives, parenteral nutrition, diagnostics, animal health and oncology to name a few.  


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