SOCMA Acquires Specialty & Custom Chemicals Trade Show

01.09.2020 - The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates (SOCMA) has purchased the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show from previous owner Chemicals America.

Trade show ownership is not new to SOCMA. The association launched a small table-top trade show – InformEx – in 1985 in Atlanta/Georgia, USA, and grew it into the leading trade show for the specialty and fine chemical industry. When SOCMA sold the show in 2005, the event had more than 4,000 attendees and nearly 500 exhibitors.

“What we did not appreciate at the time we sold InformEx was that SOCMA’s exit created a void,” said SOCMA President and CEO Jennifer Abril. “As a galvanizing force for the specialty chemical supply chain, our members expect us to be a leader in this arena. With our continued pulse on the industry, no one understands the specialty chemical supply chain as intimately and uniquely as SOCMA. We are thrilled to once again provide this essential platform.”

SOCMA said that trade show ownership also underpins its strategic focus of offering commercial growth opportunities for its members and the industry. “SOCMA’s commercial network is a bridge to help companies find suppliers and customers, and we are a source of intelligence for end-market insights and product applications,” Abril said. “We have a wealth of tools and resources in our storehouse, and the addition of a trade show is the final piece of the puzzle that brings our association full circle.”

Purchasing the Specialty & Custom Chemicals Show is something SOCMA has considered since entering its partnership with Chemicals America and Tom Leahy to launch the show currently based in Fort Worth/Texas, USA, the association stated. The partners had hoped to announce the acquisition at the February 2020 show, or shortly thereafter, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed the deal. This summer conditions were then in place between the two organizations to finalize the sale.

With mirrored values and objectives, the success of the specialty and custom chemical industry is important to both SOCMA and Chemicals America. “This is a handing-off of the baton, so to speak,” Abril said. “We truly value the relationship we have built with Chemicals America these past years and are continuing to work with Tom Leahy to seamlessly transition the 2021 show.”

SOCMA’s return to the trade show arena in 2021 kicks off the association’s 100th anniversary. “We can’t think of a better way to commemorate this centennial milestone than by coming together in Fort Worth to celebrate this innovative supply chain, and re-establishing SOCMA’s presence as a leader in the industry’s trade show space,” Abril said.


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