Union Wants Germany to Apply for EMA

19.04.2017 -

Germany’s chemical workers union IG BCE has called on the federal government to push for relocation of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) to Germany. Currently based in London, the agency will be forced to move following Britain’s exit from the EU (Brexit).

“The EMA would be well positioned in Germany, which is a leader in pharmaceutical research and in healthcare generally,” the union said. In this “highly developed and internationally connected location,” the country’s pharmaceutical industry spans the entire value chain, IG BCE noted, adding that Germany’s central location in Europe and its favorable infrastructure are further advantages.

Germany is the “ideal candidate” for the EMA headquarters, asserted IG BCE chairman, Michael Vassiliadis. In his view, the drug regulation authority would bring numerous new jobs to the country, both within the agency and beyond.

Reports said the federal cabinet of German Chancellor Angela Merkel planned to deliberate on Apr. 18 as to whether or not it would launch a bid to host the EMA. Relocation of the agency has been a topic of discussion since the UK voted to leave the EU in June of last year. A number of other countries, including Denmark, have also expressed interest in becoming the new home for the EMA.

The authority currently based in London and employing around 900 people approves and monitors pharmaceuticals in EU countries. In the months since the British Brexit vote, Germany’s financial capital of Frankfurt also has been vying to become Europe’s new finance center. A new home for the EMA is expected to be discussed at an EU summit on Apr. 29.