Zeta Acquires Majority Stake in Inosim

10.04.2024 - Zeta, an Austrian engineering specialist for biopharmaceutical process plants, has acquired a majority stake in Inosim, a German provider of software solutions for the optimization of production processes.

The partnership covers the sales and marketing of Inosim's products, including Inosim simulation software and the new platform Inosim Foresight, a new platform for predictive decision support in plant operations.

Inosim's simulation software products are widely used in optimizing production processes in various industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech. Among the company’s clients are Bayer, Roche, BASF and Sanofi.

Zeta said that it has already integrated Inosim's software products into its digital tool landscape, which enables informed decision-making in engineering, supported by production simulations. This approach enables the implementation of better and more effective processes at lower cost of CAPEX and operation.

“By combining Inosim‘s expertise with our own, we are able to provide a fully digital, integrated engineering and operations workflow that takes advantage of simulation at every stage. Thus, we are paving the way towards sustainable production processes and plants of our customers across the complete life cycle," commented Andreas Marchler, managing director of Zeta.

Peter Balling, CEO of Inosim, said, that simulations with its company’s “ provide a comprehensive understanding of complex systems and enable the examination of different scenarios in a virtual environment, thereby facilitating informed decision-making processes.”


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