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Choosing the Right Partner for Scale-Up

When advancing from research to production, your supplier’s experience, portfolio and customization capabilities are key to your success.

Turning your chemical research into reality is an exciting time. Yet, it can present new and unexpected challenges. With centuries of experience in the field, Sigma-Aldrich® is dedicated to facilitating your journey – not only through its extensive portfolio of top-quality chemicals, but also through expert support, and tailor-made solutions that meet your exact needs.

Supporting scientific success

Whether in academia, the pharmaceutical industry, diagnostics or in its own R&D labs, Sigma-Aldrich® has helped countless scientists get their discoveries to the world. As part of Merck KGaA, it is the world’s oldest chemical and pharmaceutical company, offering an unparalleled portfolio of biochemicals for your breakthroughs. Driven by innovation, it offers a host of unique products and proprietary reagents in a variety of grades to solve the toughest challenges in science. Most importantly, each product undergoes meticulous controls to ensure the highest quality, and is accompanied by more verification data than with any other brand.

Seamless progress from bench to bulk

The state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities of Sigma-Aldrich® are designed to support your entire product life-cycle from development to commercialization. During research, you can depend on the availability of all the key reagents you need – from general-use quality to highly characterized and multi-application tested grades. Throughout scale-up, the company guides you in selecting the right materials, so you avoid unnecessary revalidation. And you can progress confidently to manufacturing, thanks to exceptional supply chain transparency, enhanced QC, and superior documentation.

Customized to your every need

Besides its extensive selection of off-the-shelf products, Sigma-Aldrich® also provides a complete range of personalized services. Whether you need contract manufacturing and OEM, special solutions and mixtures, customized specifications, tailor-made packaging or volumes, your options are almost endless. And all products can be scaled from grams to tons. This way, you have the perfect chemicals and equipment you need to optimize your workflow – from one trusted source.

Dependable supply and support

Even a great raw material is no good if it’s late. That’s why Sigma-Aldrich® is committed to full transparency in inventory, and timely delivery, every time. With 65 production sites, 130 life science distribution hubs, and centers of excellence around the world, the company offers exceptional consistency and reliability across geographies. Despite being one of the world’s largest chemical manufacturers, Sigma-Aldrich® is known for its best-in-class customer service with 24/7 technical support. This makes breakthroughs feel closer than ever.

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