Driving Future Innovations: Lohtragon Metal Salts in the Insulation Industry

Drive future-oriented insulation solutions by enhancing product and process performances while considering sustainability improvements across multiple insulation industries with Lohtragon metal salts.

Advanced Insulation Solutions with Lohtragon Functional Additives

Enhance the performance of your insulation materials with Lohtragon metal salts, essential for a wide range of insulation applications. These metal salts function as catalysts in the synthesis of advanced insulating foams, extend the longevity of natural fiber and cellulose insulations, and serve as fire retardants to enhance safety and regulatory adherence. With our extensive expertise in German-manufactured metal salts, we ensure strict quality controls and individual R&D support.

Technical Advantages of Lohtragon Metal Salts

Lohtragon metal salts are distinguished by their effectiveness, ease of incorporation, ability to extend material durability and their compatibility with environmental and regulatory standards – offering several key benefits: 

Catalytic Functionality:

  • Trimerization Catalysts: Lohtragon catalysts are optimized for the synthesis of polyisocyanurate (PIR) rigid foams, facilitating efficient trimerization reactions.
  • Process Optimization: Achieve superior efficiency with optimized chemical kinetics, enhanced reaction selectivity, and consistent reliability.
  • Superior Foam Properties: Synthesize rigid foams exhibiting high thermal stability, improved fire resistance, and high-performance insulating characteristics.
  • Chemical Versatility: Utilize a comprehensive range of Lohtragon potassium salts, available in various forms including solids, aqueous solutions, and solutions diluted in diethylene glycol (DEG) or monoethylene glycol (MEG). Our advanced R&D services provide further customization to your specific product specifications.
  • Innovative Solubilization: Our R&D efforts have led to the development of water-free solubilization techniques for specific Lohtragon potassium salts, addressing evolving market requirements. Read more here.

Durability Enhancer:

  • Extended Lifespan: Lohtragon metal salts significantly increase the durability of natural fiber and cellulose insulations.
  • Fungal and Pest Resistance: Enhance material longevity through superior resistance to fungal growth and pest infestations.
  • Sustainability: Improve the durability of eco-friendly insulation materials, contributing to longer-lasting and more sustainable insulation solutions.

Cross-Linking Efficiency:

  • Aluminum Crosslinkers: Lohtragon aluminum salts and their solutions are engineered for maximum cross-linking efficiency in a variety of insulation applications.
  • Advanced Performance: Enhance the structural integrity and performance of insulation materials through optimized cross-linking processes.
  • Versatility: Our aluminum crosslinkers are suitable for diverse applications, including but not limited to sol-gel processes, offering tailored solutions for specific insulation requirements.

Flame Retardancy:

  • Safety Enhancement: Lohtragon metal salts significantly improve the fire resistance of specific insulation materials.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure your insulation products meet stringent fire safety standards.
  • Enhanced Protection: Improve the overall safety profile of your insulation solutions with effective flame-retardant properties.

Integrate Lohtragon metal salts into your insulation products to achieve outstanding performance, durability, and safety. For comprehensive technical information and customized development, contact us or visit our website.

Do You Have Specific Requirements? Are You Innovating with Another Insulation Technology?

With your requirements being specific, partner with us to discover the advantages of employing Lohtragon additives and use the option for tailor-made solutions meeting your unique industry requirements. Innovation and collaboration are at the core of our strategy, fulfilling the specific needs of the insulation industry.

Connect with us and enhance your insulation material with Lohtragon functional additives – we look forward to your inquiry!




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