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Efficient Lithium-free Acceleration Additives for Portland Cement Compositions

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The Lohtragon CI range is specifically designed to meet the requirements of the construction industry (CI). Our CI metal salts and their compositions have proven suitability for many purposes and take over especially four functions:

In times of extremely high lithium demand from industries other than the construction sector – e.g. the battery industry for the synthesis of active materials – lithium carbonate prices have multiplied and reached a new dimension. For cement compositions, lithium-free solutions are of highest interest such as our Lohtragon L90 CI metal salt portfolio. As lithium-free formulations, this range is an efficient and competitive alternative to lithium carbonate, which is the commonly used additive in the construction industry. Our Lohtragon L90 CI acceleration additives show strong performance in Portland cement (OPC) compositions in economic dosages regarding setting behavior, compressive strength and flexural strength.

The Lohtragon CI portfolio is manufactured at our Dr. Paul Lohmann production site in Germany. It is REACH registered according to Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 and supported by our dedicated in-house application technology service for construction applications. Our ultrasonic testing equipment enables us to understand the behavior of our metal salts in different application formulations (e.g. cement and plaster based systems), to adjust our products for the optimum hardening behavior and to provide metal salts that perfectly match your formulation.

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