Elevate Your Industrial Biotech Process: Lohtragon Nutrients for Targeted Fermentation Processes

Discover the power of our Lohtragon nutrient concepts with pure substances, premixes, and stock solutions for precise fermentation processes and maximum efficiency.

Join us for our webinar Industrial Biotech: Lohtragon Nutrient Premixes and Sustainable Solutions on February 29, 2024.

Lohtragon Nutrients for Industrial Biotech                              
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In the world of white biotechnology, metal salts are the secret to success. From chemical synthesis to enzyme production and beyond, Lohtragon BT nutrient concepts ranging from pure substances and premixes to stock solutions and encapsulated products enhance your industrial processes, as key to efficiency and sustainability.


Lohtragon Nutrient Concepts for Maximum Efficiency
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Achieving optimal fermentation processes requires a fine balance of various factors. The right nutrient combined with its dosage form, purity, and others make or break the outcome. Lohtragon BT products deliver tailored nutrient solutions, designed with precise ratios and quality assurance to guarantee efficient and reliable fermentation processes.

Based on our manufacturing expertise and R&D competence, we optimize and adjust our concepts to your processes and fulfill your criteria for improved processes for targeted fermentation in industrial scale. We strive for the product you need while contributing to the optimum overall process performance, enabling easy handling, accurate dosing, safety, and cost advantages.

Key Features of Lohtragon BT Nutrients

  • Manufacturing expertise: Since more than 135 years we manufacture our metal salts in-house, ensuring a unique and highly controlled production process. Our two production sites are both located in Germany.
  • Precisely defined: We provide highest purity levels and chemical properties, that are fully documented.
  • Physically optimized: We rigorously analzye parameters such as particle size distribution, flowability, and pH value to ensure maximum performance.
  • Flexible dosage and precision: Select between solid forms, premixes and aqueous solutions, while benefiting from a highly precise setting of trace elements.
  • Packaging: Choose from a variety of different packaging or request customized packaging.
  • Optimal nutrient and buffer supply: Our nutrient and buffer compositions are accurately formulated for optimal efficiency.
  • Customizable concentrations: Tailor our offerings to align with your specific requirements.
  • Outstanding solubility and bioavailability: Our products are designed for maximum effectiveness, easily absorbed and utilized by biological systems.
  • Prevent nutrient immobilization: Our advanced formulations minimize risks like precipitation, which could impact nutrient bioavailability.
  • Expert formulation know-how: Leverage our research and deep understanding of metal salts and their applications.

Benefits of Lohtragon BT Nutrient Concepts

The tailor-made Lohtragon nutrient concepts with pure substances, premixes, and stock solutions provide targeted fermentation processes, striving for optimized product and process performances. We understand the specific needs and consumption of inorganic components throughout the process, while considering HSE aspects. Benefit from:

  • Precise formulation for optimal ratios
  • Easy-to-use premixes and stock solutions
  • Avoidance of interactions
  • Scalability for your requirements
  • Quality assurance for reliability
  • Regulatory support
  • Sustainability: Carbon footprint considerations


Optimize Overall Process Efficiency with Lohtragon BT Nutrients
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Join our Webinar: “Lohtragon Nutrient Premixes and Sustainable Solutions”

Sign up for 29th February 2024 and secure your webinar spot for one of the two sessions (10:00-10:30 a.m. or 4:30-5:00 p.m. CET). You will get further insights into:

  • The benefits, including improved product and process performances, cost efficiencies, and sustainability aspects
  • The Dr. Paul Lohmann competence center biotechnology
  • The Lohtragon nutrient concepts: pure substances, premixes, stock solutions

Let Lohtragon BT be your customized nutrient solution for your biotechnological applications.


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