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Fluidlab R-300: Microscopy and Spectrometry in the Palm of Your Hand

Innovative Platform Solution for Liquid Analysis

With the Fluidlab R-300, the start-up Anvajo offers a portable device that bundles the two central laboratory technologies spectrometry and automated cell counting. It combines the smallest available high-performance spectrometer on the market with an AI-based automatic cell counter based on a new holographic microscopy technique.

Anvajo’s technology thus enables the user to quantify various cell types in suspension and also to perform spectrometric analyses. The Fluidlab R-300 can be used in biotechnological, biochemical and microbiological laboratories as well as in all areas of research and work with cell cultures or chemical analysis of liquids based on absorption or scattered light measurement.

With its intuitive operation and precise results, the Fluidlab R-300 can replace large and expensive individual devices. Using a simple adapter system, both standard cuvettes and proprietary glass sample carriers can be used for a variety of analyses such as absorbance, automatic cell counting and stain-free viability measurements.

With a pipette, the cell suspension or the liquid to be analyzed is simply placed in a standard cuvette or on a specially developed glass carrier and then analyzed with the instrument. A separate computer or other devices are not necessary. The glass sample carrier can also be used under a normal microscope, if desired.

Due to an innovative holographic microscopy approach, Anvajo's cell counter has a much larger field of view compared to other cell counters. As a result, significantly more cells are counted, which in turn provides increased statistical certainty.

In addition to pure cell counting, the R-300 can be used to measure cell viability (differentiation between living and dead cells) without staining. Only the smallest sample volumes from 4 to 20 μl are required for the analysis.

Besides the holographic microscope, the Fluidlab contains the world's smallest spectrometer in the wavelength range from 375 to 700 nm with a spectral resolution of less than 2 nm. In the value range of 0 - 2.5 extinction units the instrument is linear with a photometric accuracy of 0.01. This enables the user to read out a variety of colorimetric and turbidimetric assays or to perform classical optical density measurements (e.g. OD 600).


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