Innovative Acetate Range

Advancements in Performance and Sustainability

Join our webinar and discover the Lohtragon Acetate portfolio for industrial applications: Solutions from ammonium to zinc, solids to aqueous.

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Acetates are chemical compounds derived from acetic acid. Due to their unique properties, they find diverse applications in various industries. From ammonium to zinc, aqueous solutions to solids and adhesion modifiers to water purifiers, we dive deeper into this exciting product group for industrial applications.

Lohtragon Acetates – Our Set-up Leading to Your Added Value

  • Access a portfolio of more than 15 acetates in various chemical grades
  • Focus on quality, enabling best performances in various applications
  • Sourcing directly from the manufacturer with German production sites
  • Innovation beyond standard and tailor-made solutions
  • Reliability of supply
  • Extensive services and flexibility
  • Sustainability approach

Our Acetate Portfolio – Source Directly from the Manufacturer

With more than 15 different acetates, our portfolio is a key contributor to your acetate needs – All metal salts are manufactured at our two German production sites:

  • Lohtragon O05 | Ammonium Acetate
  • Lohtragon O55 | Ammonium Acetate Solution
  • Lohtragon O01 | Calcium Acetate
  • Lohtragon O50 | Calcium Acetate Solution
  • Lohtragon K02 | Copper(II) Acetate 1-hydrate
  • Lohtragon K19 | Magnesium Acetate 4-hydrate
  • Lohtragon K91 | Magnesium Acetate Solution
  • Lohtragon K92 | Magnesium Acetate, anhydrous
  • Lohtragon O03 | Manganese(II) Acetate 4-hydrate
  • Lohtragon O02 | Potassium Acetate, anhydrous
  • Lohtragon O52 | Potassium Acetate Solution
  • Lohtragon K16 | Sodium Acetate 3-hydrate
  • Lohtragon K18 | Sodium Acetate, anhydrous
  • Lohtragon K98 | Sodium Acetate Solution
  • Lohtragon O56 | Zinc Acetate, anhydrous
  • Lohtragon O06 | Zinc Acetate 2-hydrate
  • Lohtragon O86 | Zinc Acetate Solution


Our experts support you at any time in the selection of your most suitable product and quality.

Your acetate of interest is not listed? Access our product finder.

Our Competences in Metal Salt Optimization — Your Solution

Beyond our established product range, our Lohtragon metal salt competences in production, R&D and quality departments offer custom specifications and new developments.

Interested in an example? Click here and watch the video from our Lohtragon K19 type with optimized flow properties without adding a free-flowing agent. Based on specific chemical and physical adjustments, the pure product shows accurate dosing behavior and lower tendency to lump compared to standard product types.

Lohtragon Acetates in Action — Industrial Market Segments

Our Lohtragon Acetates are used in a variety of different industrial market segments. Join our webinar for more information on application areas, highlighting special performances.

Focus on Sustainability

The Lohtragon mindset around sustainability in metal salt production includes manifold principles to enable a responsible way of handling resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to this approach along the entire value chain. For instance, comparing aqueous solutions to its metal salt solids, the aqueous product may enable significant CO2 savings linked to an improved CO2 carbon footprint. Contact us for more details on this approach and register to our webinar for a calculation example of our Lohtragon O52.

Would you like to know more about our Lohtragon Acetates for industrial applications?

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