Lohtragon Efficiency Booster for Metal Surface Treatment

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Various key functions in electroplating are carried out by metal salts, making them critically important to the process. Driven by industries such as automotive, aerospace, machinery and electronics, the surface treatment market is continuously looking for optimized performances, e.g. better resistances, lubricity, and thermal stability for coatings, environmentally friendly processes and cost efficiency, requiring innovative and sustainable raw materials. Consider our dedicated Lohtragon metal salt range for surface treatment applications and boost your electrolyte.

Our Lohtragon metal salts serve multiple key properties and functions in electrolyte formulations, such as:

  • Metal ion supply: They dissolve in the electrolyte solution, providing the metal ions required for electroplating.
  • Purity and consistency: Their high purity contributes to the required quality and consistency of the plated coatings for ideal coating properties, appearance, and adhesion.
  • Solubility and stability: The high solubility of the products allows stable concentration of metal ions, resulting in a replenishable plating bath and control of deposition parameters. Product stability is important to prevent their precipitation or decomposition during the plating.
  • Compatibility: A given compatibility with other components of the plating solution, such as complexing agents, buffers, and additives – leading to the desired electrochemical behavior, adequate current distribution, and control over the plating process.
  • Complexing agents: Common complexing agents include our citrates, phosphates, and sulfates of ammonium, potassium, sodium and zinc. Added to electrolytes, they intend to improve the stability of the solution and to control the behavior of the metal ions.
  • Buffers: our pH adjusters, such as our ammonium or potassium citrate, are used to maintain the desired acidity or alkalinity of the electrolyte. Acids or bases can be added to adjust the pH level to the optimal range for the specific plating process.
  • Conductivity enhancers: Electrolytes need to have sufficient conductivity to enable the flow of electric current during the plating process. Based on an indirect effect on the solution, e.g. our ammonium or potassium citrate can take over this function.

Please note that the effectiveness of the specific features and requirements depends on the individual electroplating system. Learn more during our webinar and get in touch with us. Our experts support you at any time in the selection of your most suitable product and quality.

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The Lohtragon mindset around sustainability in metal salt production includes manifold principles to enable a responsible way of handling resources and to protect the environment. We are committed to this approach along the entire value chain. For instance, comparing aqueous solutions to its metal salt solids, the aqueous product may enable significant CO2-savings linked to an improved carbon footprint. Contact us for more details on this approach and register to our webinar for a specific calculation example.

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