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NextLab Low Carbon Advances North American Homecare Market Decarbonization

Cepsa Chemicals, an alkylbenzene producer, is working closely with key stakeholders at the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) to achieve more sustainable solutions for the Cleaning Industry

NextLab Low Carbon, is a novel Linear Alkylbenzene (LAB) product developed by Cepsa Chemicals that reduces carbon emissions to the atmosphere by almost 20% compared to traditional LAB.

Specifically, according to the results of the comparative Life Cycle Assessment developed by an independent expert company (Sphera) on a cradle-to-gate basis and validated by a panel of experts, the emissions to the atmosphere of NextLab Low Carbon are almost 20% lower than those produced by traditional LAB.

Cepsa Chemicals is the world's leading LAB manufacturer, the most widely used product in the production of biodegradable detergents, accounting for nearly 18% of global production.

NextLab Low Carbon, manufactured at Cepsa Chemicals's plant in Bécancour (Canada) for the North American market, is part of Cepsa Chemical's new family of products called NextLab, which is being widely accepted by large companies in the Homecare sector.

NextLab Low Carbon is a great help for detergent producers to achieve their corporate ESG goals by providing detergent manufacturers with the ability to produce a final product with a lower carbon footprint while maintaining the same performance as traditional LAB without requiring specification changes.

Throughout the ACI convention, Cepsa Chemicals is meeting with the main companies in the North American Homecare industry to discuss the specific technical characteristics of NextLab Low Carbon and how it meets the current demands of consumers.

With the commercial launch of NextLab Low Carbon, Cepsa Chemicals continues its commitment to making the Home Care Industry more sustainable and contributing to the decarbonization of the North American market. 


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