No Risk of Ignition Spark – No Need of ATEX

Dehn + Söhne, the lightning and surge protection specialist offers a pipe clamp for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, which can easily be installed in operating sites where hazardous potentially explosive atmospheres can arise for example due to gases, dusts or vapors. Lightning currents up to 50 kA can be discharged without risk of ignition sparks in explosive atmosphere of Ex-zones 1 and 2 as well as 21 and 22.

In order to meet these high requirements, lightning impulse current tests in potentially explosive atmosphere have been carried out successfully together with an independent testing institute. Dehn + Söhne is the first to prove safety from risk of ignition spark if a pipe clamp is loaded by lightning current. Of course the potential sources of ignition for the case of usual application or in case of any foreseeable misuse have been determined and rated. The resulting necessary information will be given to the customer in the corresponding operating instructions following § 4 of the Device Safety Act.

The representatives of the European market surveillance authorities (ATEX-ADCO Group) confirmed at their meeting in Brussels, that the pipe clamp is not subject to the Directive 94/9/EG. Thus an ATEX certification is not necessary. The proof of having no risk of ignition spark in case of the pipe clamp being loaded by lightning current made by Dehn + Söhne, paves the way that welding or using of threaded sockets for lightning equipotential bonding at pipelines in hazardous areas will soon be a relic of the past. Because the special construction of the spring loaded contacts of the pipe clamp allows the electrical contacting of pipes of different diameters without risk of ignition sparks. Various kinds of connection (e.g. cable lugs, strip)‚ provide a high flexibility of application.

There is no need of welding or drilling. Hence the mounting time is considerably shorter and systems or facilities can be kept on operating during installation. Application of the new Dehn + Söhne pipe clamp for Ex-areas as measure to protect against explosions avoids potential sources of ignition.