Thermal Processes

The better you hold, the better you achieve

Vereinigte Füllkörper Fabriken (VFF) plant located in Europe, is amongst the largest and the only plant which follows the principle of separation by manufacturing high performance barriers to hold the liquid flowing through various separation columns such as distillation, absorber, washer and vacuum columns. These barriers are newly designed packings which are called as VFF twin-pak. The shape of twin-pak packing is sleeping eight which is cut open or sliced into two parts. This packing is recently manufactured product which is used as random as well as even structured packing in the columns.

Newly designed packing which holds greater capacity to increase the residence time and increase heat transfer between the different feed materials used and stands to be a better column packing for distillation and various separation units. At VFF manufacturing plant there are huge amounts of tower packing and inert balls materials been manufactured to fulfill the demand of customers and their requirements, apart from this catalyst packings and column demisters are also being manufactured. Inert balls which is one of the most important product of VFF is mainly used as covering layer for the catalyst inside the column.

One of most important software (tower packing software version 14.1) which is developed by VFF in order meet the requirements for different packings and loading inside the column is well provided with various parameters which can be varied as per the need of customers and even different chemicals which can be used and even to check the properties of such chemical with regards to packing material which is to be inserted inside the column.