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Novartis and Amazon Link on Supply Chain

13.12.2019 - Swiss drugmaker Novartis is partnering Amazon to “reimagine” its core manufacturing, supply chain and delivery operations. Under a multi-year collaboration, the two will establish...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Chemical Distribution 4.0

10.05.2019 -

“68% of chemicals worth $76 billion will be sold online within the next five years.” This was the message from leading market research institutes and consultants in 2000...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Digital Transformation

19.09.2018 - The pharmaceutical industry has gone through two decades of rapid technological innovations. These include combinatorial chemistry, recombinant DNA technology, development of...


Digitization’s Impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry

05.06.2018 - The digital developments in the healthcare industry, combined with an aging population and enormous scientific progress, pose new challenges for pharmaceutical companies. On the...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Who is the Future “Chemazon”?

26.04.2018 -

The traditional business model of chemical distributors is currently fundamentally challenged on one side by digitally enabled activities from principals, logistics...


BASF Targeted in EU’s Belgian Tax Repayment

13.01.2016 - German chemical giant BASF and UK oil and petrochemicals giant BP are among the estimate 35 multinational companies with extensive operations in Belgium being targeted by the EU’s...