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Research & Innovation

Cultured Meat and Fermented Proteins

15.11.2023 -

Progress in the field of cultivated food production, characterized by the fermentation of food ingredients, proteins and meat alternatives, is undoubtedly one of the most...


The Culture of Analytics at Johnson Matthey


Interview with Pilar Gomez-Jimenez

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Live-Broadcasting of Bioprocesses

10.09.2019 - The quality specifications of biopharmaceuticals are enormous and require a long list of time-consuming analytics. A big disadvantage of these analytics so far was, that their...

Strategy & Management

Connect Assets, Processes and Customers to Find New Opportunities!

02.11.2017 - Bring together the powerful capabilities of IoT, machine learning, blockchain, big data, analytics and the cloud. Accelerate your digital transformation to innovate, integrate and...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

New Rules For Pharma

27.09.2017 - Pharmaceutical companies are experiencing numerous challenges such as increasing cost pressures, declining autonomy or protocol-driven care. The reaction has to go beyond...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

The Case for Automation

19.09.2017 - Process and system automation has great appeal; it potentially reduces the need for manual intervention as well as increasing throughput with processes running 24-7. Most lab...


KBR and IBC Agree Digital Collaboration

18.05.2017 - As digitalisation climbs to the top of many corporate agendas, engineering and construction contractor KBR has agreed to collaborate with IBM to develop digital products and...

Strategy & Management

At the Crossroads of Technology and Information

09.11.2016 - With the FDA approving the first 3D printed drug in 2016, emerging technologies are having a significant effect on the pharmaceutical industry. And it’s not just on the patient...