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New Rules for Glyphosate Use Near in Germany

23.07.2021 -

New wide-sweeping restrictions on the use of glyphosate, active ingredient in herbicides such as the Monsanto-developed Roundup and the subject of thousands of lawsuits...


EFSA and ECHA Preparing for 2022 Glyphosate Review

16.06.2021 -

Two EU authorities, the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA), are poised to begin reviewing a draft assessment of the safety of...


Bayer Acquires to Expand Prostate Cancer Pipeline

08.06.2021 -

Bayer has announced plans to acquire Noria Therapeutics and PSMA Therapeutics, thereby obtaining exclusive rights to a differentiated alpha radionuclide investigational...


Bayer May Remove Glyphosate from Retail Roundup

28.05.2021 -

Disappointed by San Francisco district judge Vince Chhabria’s decision to dismiss its proposed $2 billion plan to settle future claims that Monsanto’s flagship herbicide...


Bayer Loses Roundup Judgment Appeal

21.05.2021 -

A US federal appeals court has upheld a $25 million jury award for the plaintiff in one of three major court battles Bayer has fought and lost over claims linking...


Mexican Glyphosate Case Hangs over Bayer

14.05.2021 -

A Mexican court has reversed a ruling that favored Bayer in a legal challenge brought by the German pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals group against Mexico’s plan to ban...


CO2-Neutral Chemical Industry

17.03.2021 -

The European Chemical Industry has set out on an ambitious path to become carbon neutral. Germany, as one of the major chemical manufacturing nations, has committed to...


Germany Seeks Self Reliance in Vaccine Production

16.03.2021 -

As one glitch after another at Covid vaccine suppliers upends deliveries, the German federal government is drawing up plans to build up production within its borders...

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