Bayer Invests €130 Million in New Production Facility

23.11.2023 - Berlin Mayor Kai Wegner and Bayer's Stefan Oelrich unveil a high-tech facility as part of a global billion-euro investment initiative. The advanced space, featuring a robot-controlled aseptic filling line, accelerates drug production.

The intelligent combination of new technologies enables drugs to be brought to market and made available to patients more quickly. 

“It is of crucial importance that Germany and Europe pursue a clear strategy of a future-oriented innovation policy. Bayer is investing here in research and production to secure future business while strengthening the innovative power in the region,” commented Stefan Oelrich, Member of the Board of Bayer AG and Head of its Pharmaceuticals Division.

Based at Bayer's global pharmaceutical hub in Berlin, Germany, the facility serves as a crucial production site, evolving into a global "Center of Excellence for Parenterals." It plays a vital role in manufacturing and packaging pharmaceuticals, ensuring global market supply.

“It is great to see a German company like Bayer AG driving innovation in Berlin. This investment not only demonstrates loyalty to the location but also strengthens our city as a renowned health metropolis. It sends a clear signal from the economic and healthcare hub of Berlin,” said Kai Wegner, Mayor of Berlin.

Bayer's advanced production facility utilizes innovative platform technology for diverse parenteral products. The digitized process ensures safe and swift pharmaceutical production, with an automated robot-based filling machine enhancing efficiency, pictured below. Primarily serving high-demand medical areas like ophthalmology, the facility aims to supply markets in the USA, Europe, and China.


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