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ICL Acquires Brazilian Biologicals Specialist Nitro 1000

29.02.2024 -

ICL is to acquired Nitro 1000, a Brazilian manufacturer, developer and provider of biologicals for approximately $30 million.


Syngenta Opens Biological Seed Treatment Center in Germany

17.10.2023 -

Swiss-based and Chinese-owned agrochemicals company Syngenta has opened its first biologicals service center at the group’s Seedcare Institute in Maintal, Germany...


Corteva Pays $1.2 Billion for Stoller

02.12.2022 -

US agricultural chemicals and seeds group Corteva has agreed to buy Stoller Group, a compatriot producer of biostimulants and plant nutrition products, for $1.2 billion...

Strategy & Management

Innovative Companies Have to Deal with Risks

27.09.2017 - Pharma Waldhof is active in the development and commercialization of active substances, key intermediates and reagents for multiple applications in the pharmaceutical, diagnostics...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Fine Chemicals: The Top 10

30.05.2011 - Analysis - When comparing the fine chemicals market of today to that of 2001, a few clear differences can be seen. Fine chemicals expert Jan ­Ramakers takes an in-depth look at the...