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Markets & Companies

Ireland’s Thriving Pharma and Chemicals Producers Optimistic about Brexit

24.11.2017 - Of the remaining post-Brexit 27 member states of the European Union, Ireland looks likely to suffer the most economically, and also possibly politically, as a result of the UK’s...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Substance-based Supply-Chain Planning under BEPS

28.07.2015 - The agility of supply chains of multinationals driven by the globalization and continuous business changes combined with favorable tax regimes in various jurisdictions has given a...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

Together for Sustainability

29.04.2015 - Sustainability is not a new topic for the global chemical industry, which has a long-standing track record of putting such principles into practice. Along with creating clearly...

Logistics & Supply Chain

Global Supply Chains and Corruption

30.10.2013 - Barrier To Business - One of the defining trends of the past three decades has been globalization. In order to take advantage of low-cost labor in emerging economies, companies...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Sourcing from India and China

30.10.2013 - 'Pharmacy To The World' - In today's global pharmaceutical industry 2.0, emerging regions led by India (BRIC - Brazil, Russia, India, China) have moved to the front row in terms of...


Chinese Acquisitions Gives Local Access to Foreign Chemical Companies

24.10.2013 - Deals are Worth the Trouble - With the ever-increasing importance of the Chinese market, foreign chemical companies obviously have a strong interest in buying local players. As a...

Sites & Services

Innovation as a Recipe for Success

29.01.2013 - Banking on Life Sciences - Swiss science-based industries feature highly specialized products, in particular from the field of pharmaceuticals, which are mainly exported to the EU...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Welcome To Pharma 3.0

18.05.2010 - Metamorphosis - In our first article in the Welcome to Pharma 3.0 series, "A New Business Model for Delivering Sustained Value," (CHEManager Europe 2-3/2010), we described how the...

Ehrenamtliches Engagement

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