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Logistics & Supply Chain

Strategic Planning in Transport Management

22.03.2023 -

Implementing the capability for tactical and strategic planning enables companies to build a smoother and more resilient supply chain.

Strategy & Management

Pattern Of Success

04.04.2016 - Is there a proven management recipe for turning a chemical industry spinoff into a success story? Camelot Management Consultants analyzed the history and performance of 20 such...

Practitioner’s guide for “LEAN Supply Chain Planning”

04.08.2014 - Comprehensive practitioner's guide written by Camelot CEO Dr. Josef Packowski describes the first holistic approach to LEAN SCM for process industries and illustrates the benefits...

Strategy & Management

Multichannel Excellence: The Competitive Factor for Pharma

30.07.2014 - Proving Marketing's Value - The global pharmaceutical industry continues to evolve from the blockbuster era to the outcome era. This shift entails many changes. Just to name a few...

Strategy & Management

LEAN Supply Chain Planning

09.07.2014 - Supply chain management (SCM) requirements have changed significantly over the past few years. The buzzword nowadays when managing global supply chains is adaptation to increasing...

Strategy & Management

Camelot’s Pharma Management Radar

23.04.2014 - Power Of The Unknown - Despite a generally positive estimation of the current business climate, global pharmaceutical companies face challenges that endanger their business...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Pharma in the Outcome Era

25.09.2013 - Change Is Happening - Pharma is entering the outcome era. Today, launching a new drug means the companies are forced to make much more effort to prove the drug's additional value...


Securing Product Supply in the Pharmaceutical Industry

02.05.2013 - Europe's pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of fundamental change and threats appear from a wide-range of sources: demand and growth potential is increasingly shifting to the...