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Return of the Human Touch in Industry 5.0

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Industry 5.0 makes it possible to harness the skills and creativity of people to improve the safety and productivity of chemical and pharmaceutical production processes.

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Making Brexit Work for the Chemical Industry

05.03.2018 - A strong chemical manufacturing sector is at the heart of every successful economy. In the UK, the sector contributes £18 billion per year to the economy, employs 500,000 people...

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Chemistry Works – at Every Level

21.11.2016 - More than 12,000 foreign companies have already chosen Hesse as the place to do business. A clear commitment to Europe’s most central location. Across all industries, employers...

Strategy & Management

A New Pathway

12.09.2016 - Reducing nitro groups to amines is a well-known and frequently applied method, which is useful in the synthesis of various classes of compounds of interest in the pharmaceutical...

Chemistry & Life Sciences

BDO: The Pacemaker Stumbles

19.11.2015 - 1,4-Butanediol (BDO) is an important chemical intermediate product and raw material for plastics, solvents and synthetic fibers. The alcohol’s production capacities have been...

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In The Right Place

28.10.2015 - The chemical and pharmaceuticals industry of the state of Hesse in Germany has been true to its traditions. The locations that witnessed the development of this sector have evolved...

Markets & Companies

A Wasted Chance

07.10.2015 - For many European companies India is foremost an outlet market. As a buying market the chemical market in India is still underrated. Especially in the area of chemical semi...

Plant Construction & Process Technology

Corrosion Protection

04.09.2015 - Fluoropolymer system solutions are increasingly used in chemical plants for corrosion-protection tasks. They usually offer considerable advantages over alternatives such as...